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Founder and lead instructor Mike Tolhurst established Blue Dragon Martial Arts in 2001. Sensei Mike has earned the rank of 5th degree black belt. Mike's freestyle martial arts approach blends his traditional Karate training and strong background in self-defense with other styles including, Jujitsu, Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do. Blue Dragon Martial Arts is not your typical karate club; we are a martial arts school where the goal is to teach focus, discipline, courage and fitness to all students.  Sensei Mike and his assistant instructors will ensure that you won't be lost in class.  


Family Karate: Ages 11 & up. 7:00pm - 8:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

This beginner class for the whole family provides an insight into the martial arts as well as excellent stress relief and a motivated full body workout.  Learn traditional, freestyle and mixed martial arts in an atmosphere that encourages participation, fun, learning self-control and respect for others.  (Instructor: Sensei Mike Tolhurst)


Advanced Karate: Ages 14 & up Green Belt or Higher, 7:00pm to 9:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

Advanced self-defense techniques and traditional weapons training are added. Both sports and traditional martial arts are taught to train the body and the mind to take the martial artist to the next level.  (Instructor: Sensei Mike Tolhurst)


Little Dragons: Ages 6 to 10.  6:00pm to 6:45pm Thursdays

Introductory classes to enhance co-ordination, balance, focus, fitness and life skills.  We teach with a presence of respect and sincere guidance.  The structure of the class teaches discipline and enforces proper behavior in class.  We want each student to have fun and leave each class feeling that they have worked hard and accomplished something.


Cost: $400/Session (5 Months) September - January or February to June

Little Dragons $300/ 5 Month Session

Sensei Mike Tolhurst (403) 979-2754 /

Little Dragons Level 1 2019-2020

Ages 2 to 5 Wednesdays - Sept to March

Fees this year are as follows:

Parented Tot class (2-3 years old) 5:30 pm $80

Little Dragons Beginner (3-4 years old) 6:00 pm $90

Little Dragons Intermediate (4+ years old) 6:40 pm $90


The parented tot and beginner classes come with a free shirt and belt. Intermediate students may take the free shirt or use a $15 discount towards the purchase of a uniform. Uniforms are typically $60 ($45 with the discount), however it may vary based on bulk purchasing costs and logo printing. 


You can pay in cash, cheque or e-transfer to or


Blue Dragon Martial Arts has a Facebook page. I’ll be trying to post updates and information there as things come up. You are welcome to LIKE the group to follow along. 


Session 1 Sept 11-Oct 30 (excluding Oct 16)

Session 2 Nov 6 - Dec 18 (excluding Dec 11)

Session 3 Jan 8 - Feb 26 (excluding Feb 19)


A few reminders and housekeeping items. 

  • Please remove your footwear: This is for all students, siblings and parents when you enter the dojo. Especially when it is wet, snowy or gravelly. We want to decrease the amount of dirt and muck tracked in to maintain the health of our kids as much as possible. 

  • In between classes: Students and siblings are welcome to play with the balls during breaks but please try to have them do a quiet activity during class time, the sound carries quite a bit over the wall and can distract the ongoing class. 

  • During class: There is a colouring book, colours and some toys for siblings to use under parent supervision. You are welcome to take your picture home with you. If your child is using these resources, do try to pick up when your done.

  • Workout equipment:Try your best to keep your little ones away from the workout equipment and tires. These are for the adults and advanced students to use and can cause injury. We are fortunate to date that no accidents have occurred, but we would like to do our best to prevent any unnecessary injury from occurring.


As always, thank you for choosing us to be a part of your family’s physical education!


Sensei Jennifer Matt


NEW LOCATION: (as of Jan 8, 2020)

100, 3030 - 13th Avenue SE

Medicine Hat, Alberta  T1B 1E3

(South Country Co-op Mall - Upstairs)



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